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Gratitude ~ Angel Message:

You find gratitude in the mundane. It is simple things worth acknowledging; appreciating you can breathe the air. Or watch a sunrise ~ or sunset. Notice the way you feel when the wind blows in your face. If you can sense these basic elements, know that you are okay in the world. They are daily reminders that you are alive. 

Be grateful for your life. Especially if you have eyes to see the ones you love (zoom or in-person), ears to hear their spoken words, hands for holding, and arms for hugging them. Be thankful that you have a voice to express how you feel. You are even greater than all these things combined, with gifts to share too. And that is why you’re alive, to give and receive unto the world.  

Have gratitude for the people in your life. It’s easy to be thankful for those who are easy to love and cherish you back. But, also be grateful to anyone who gives you trouble too; they test your strengths, your weaknesses, and help you rise to be your best self. You are supported wherever you are and go to make it through life’s journey. 

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