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Shift ~ Angel Message: 

A shift will set you right side up. Small changes such as starting your day doing something out of the ordinary, like taking a different path to a regular destination or changing your schedule around, can improve your attitude and increase energy levels. More importantly, shaking up everyday routines will help you see a bigger picture. 

Get out of a rut by making a conscious shift. Repetitive behavior can dull the senses. Outside stimuli, such as food or caffeine, can only sustain so long for managing the status quo. Your spirit requires more from you. Flip your day upside down to break the monotony, releasing pressure and stress. When you do, you’ll find the flow, inspiration, and creative solutions rise to the surface. 

Divine forces intervene to shift your perspective. Stepping outside your comfort zone isn’t a requirement but necessary in life. If you don’t take a step, the universe has a way of forcing you to change; like pandemics, losing a job, a relationship, or a loved one. These transcendental moments can inspire life reflection and give you a glimpse of the future. Outside the perimeters of your everyday experiences lies your vast potential. Have faith that these experiences are part of your soul’s grand plan; go with it! 

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