Real ~ Angel Message:

Allow yourself nothing more than to be real. Live authentically, with no apologies, no excuses, and no longer hiding away from what is genuinely you. Out of self-respect, honor your inner divinity to celebrate life’s highest order for you. 

Being real requires courage. Your thoughts and feelings are valid; express them boldly but humbly. Live, respectfully, among Earth’s inhabitants in the manner that you see fit. But by all means, allow others the same privileges for living their divine will. Being real offers tremendous freedom and, more importantly, gives you a new lease on life.   

Love is the only thing real in your life. Whatever isn’t ‘real’ fades away. No matter what you say or the face you put on for others, the people, places, and things not held in the heart of hearts, will eventually disappear from your life. It invariably happens whether or not you try. Trust whatever shifts occurring now are for your higher well being.

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