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Playful ~ Angel Message;

The holiday inspires your playful spirit to emerge. It may be that a person(s), place (event), and or thing (show, book, gift, etc) encourages you to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Such amusements warm the heart, mind and soul. And being lighthearted transpires all your heavy burdens. 

Play lightens the stress load. Having fun isn’t exclusive to children’s games. Adults need fun for rejuvenation and healing. It makes you present, NOW.  Your head isn’t focused on what’s already done in the past nor worries about the future. The other benefits include feeling and looking younger. Plus, you’re a better person to be around. Who wants to hang out with a humbug? When you drop all defenses (walls built from fear), your true self can radiate. Your authenticity makes you attractive, whole and strong.  

Play gives you courage to step outside the box. Perhaps you splurge on that ski trip to the Tetons, build a snowman, go to that ugly sweater party that you’ve avoided every year, or have a coffee/drink with someone you had your eye on. When your spirit urges you onward, without haste, there’s no better time to take action. Miracles can occur. Tis’ the season of peace, love and joy for all.

For instance, this Irish woman is inspired by friends to make a snow angel. A first for her, the results are comical to all. Watch! 

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