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Honor ~ Angel Message;

Honor your hearts truth. Your heart is much more than a blood pumping organ that gives life. It is intuitive, wise, and is a honing device for true guidance. Your heart knows truth ~ and the right way for you. Pay attention to its signals no matter what anyone else says. If your heart feels warmth, openness, and or gives you tingly vibes, it is saying, “YES or GO.” If your heart feels burning sensations, pulsates rapidly or there is a sharp pain, it is saying ,”NO” or “STOP.” But, the truth doesn’t always have to hurt. 

Being brutally honest with yourself, or others, requires humor. When you’re in a tough spot, humor yourself to ease out of the situation. Finding comedic relief helps you see the sunny side of difficulties and challenging circumstances. And don’t take upon others guilt, worry, and or blame. It is what it is. Laugh it off to move forward. You know what’s right for you. 

Being honorable brightens your spirit. Personal integrity expels toxic energies throughout the body, restoring your soul with peace love and joy ~ divine truth. Your spirit naturally thrives in this zone. Don’t block your own good. Be your authentic self, and towards others, restores goodness at heart and shines your light upon the world. 

Case in point, “random boys were asked to slap a girl, And they all responded the same way. Young boys, aged 7-11, were asked questions about girls. Their final request was to slap a girl standing in front of them, and they all responded the same way. It’s reassuring to see these young boys being raised right!” See video on TRENDINGLY 

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