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Faith: Angel Message

You take a leap of faith. Someone, and or something transpires this week, giving you a gentle nudge. This support boosts your confidence to finally just do it. The idea has festered a long while, driving you crazy, playing like a broken record in your mind. You always knew what you had to do. It’s just that you weren’t ready until now. 

Faith is in action. Be obedient to the call. Trust your instincts – your inner guidance system. And follow through as instructed. Your confidence is built by taking one step at a time in the direction you’re propelled to go. Moving towards your objective (even if it is inch by inch) forges a new path. Be patient with the process. Your slow pace increases over time to an easy jog. Before you realize it, you’ll be breaking for the finish line.   

Faith is a good attitude. This doesn’t mean that your mind won’t find reasons why you can’t. Overcoming fears, old beliefs, is normal to any process that requires growth. This is your ego  trying to take center stage again. Relinquish its power by being compassionate and gentle with self. Talk it back down with words of encouragement. You’ve got this covered. Spirit has given you a sense of urgency for reasons beyond your comprehension. Doors will open to prove it’s divine timing. Keep me posted! Bless, LL

Blind faith in action is displayed when this mother took her son to visit Santa. “This Santa Truly Put The Magic Into Christmas For This Blind Boy With Autism.” Trendingly 

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