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Angel Message for Week Sept 7:  The ‘Angel of Patience’ flies in, radiates such light and love over your personal space to help you release any anxiety, fear, or impatience regarding matter that you fret about ~ instead this angel will offer you more peace, in the coming week, by becoming patient. You’ve already said your peace to others, but you can’t control them nor can you rush them into anything right now, because everything is exactly as it should be…Let it be ~ let them be. Nothing is deemed good or bad. It’s just how you look at it. Remain neutral and go about your day to day so that you don’t worry or fret, which puts out negative vibes. Instead, trust that your decision to let it be, surrendering over your fear, is the highest form of love. By leaving it up to a higher power, in that love, you’ll find union (with others ~ those closest to you) before the week is out where everyone in the end wins. Welcome any feedback. Bless, LL

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