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Q: Happy October Laura lee, How are you? I’m OK. I just feel blah lately! Maybe a little Pre-mecury in retrograde stuff in my field? Do you see me meeting new people/faces that make me “WANT” to be a better person? Like soul connections. I just need a little “something’ to look forward to. Any feedback? Peace and Love, Amla / CT

A: Great Amla, thanks! ~ And let’s not make ‘mercury retrograde’ into a dirty word ~ only because most people in my field expect challenges during this time period, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. It’s all what you make out of it! Now Amla, why does it have to take someone coming into your life to ‘make you want to be a better person?’ How about doing it for you first? The angels surround you, always bring you those opportunities, whether it was a challenging friendship/relationship(s) to health challenges you’ve had to rise above ~ those are clear demonstrations, to yourself and those around you, that you are a (the) better person. Remember?! Your entourage of angels always answer your hearts desire before we even ask! It is important to acknowledge these moments in gratitude to receive more opportunities. But, sometimes it is hard to see when all we can find is ways to feel sorry for ourselves. They, your angels, are gearing you up to teach these practical skills to others in groups. Speaking of which, they may have already brought others onto your path, going thru the similar challenges, where your wisdom will be vital to their path. Now, these experiences are baby steps to help you unfold to the best you…..keep me posted! ~ Bless, LL

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