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I am living in a stressful situation



Q: I would love to know if anyone on the other side has any information for me. I am living in a stressful situation and would like to know what I might be able to do to help. I live with my daughter and her husband, her husband is very ill. My daughter is under a lot of stress and is showing it in controlling ways. Money is a problem. We have thought a lot about moving close to a large city because of his medical problems. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks, Kathy

A: I’m sorry to hear this news for all of you Kathy. Understandably, with or without insurance, money is a problem whenever a loved one falls ill…and that could all change, based on how you look at it, with the Affordable Care Act enforced as law on October 1. I have a male figure, father/husband and pudgy around center. See a military connection. I also see a mother coming thru on your maternal side who share that while a move may make it easier to access doctors and health facilities ~ it may cause more financial concerns. I also have a sense that cancer is/was a concern (deceased/living). I see an ambulance was used, maybe on more than one occasion. And I hear that your son-in-laws prognosis (according to health professionals) is fatal. And I feel his ‘will to live’ is weak. All these things are out of your control Kathy. From a physical position, all you can do is support in ways to make it easier on everyone. Such as, shopping, house chores, and maybe offer emotional support to your daughter by just lending an ear. I feel you already do a lot of these things and it is important to give yourself time out too ~ and remind your daughter to do the same. Her controlling is her reaction to the stress (might have learned these tactics from a parent (just saying :-)! From a spiritual position, you have to invite in divine intervention…because I feel you all can’t seem to do it alone. With request for help, you may witness more outside, physical support, coming in to aid the situation. Prayer groups do work in these situations (if not prayer/affirm good is coming your way). IF you aren’t part of a church group, perhaps you know someone (or your daughter who is) and submit a request. OR you can reach out to a prayer group online to submit request (no matter the faith). Here are a few:

Non denominational group:
Christian prayer group:
Online prayers:

Meanwhile, I recommend you invite angels into your home to aid in your son-in-laws care and to help elliviate financial concerns. Do this every morning before rising, before resting and anytime you feel stress from matters to make a shift in your home. See a light hover above your home, like the sun, just shinning down upon all of you and angels surround the home to bring love and light to the situation to release the stress and tension. Then state your request, from your heart, such as;

‘I welcome into our sacred home the love and light from angelic forces (or whomever you feel called to bring forth). Thank you for the physically and financially care for my son-in-law’ and restoring peace in our home.

This is real simple Kathy…please give it a shot. Then keep me posted when you see shift occur. ~ Bless, LL

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