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The bluebird

The bluebird ~ Message of Love from Susie: It’s been a tough couple of years since we lost mom a few years back. My mother was a fan of birds. Her favorite was a bluebird because she said that those birds reminded her to be joyful for life’s simple pleasures. Nature was her sanctuary. She kept her feeders full of seed to draw birds to her garden, where she used to retreat, with hopes to see the bluebird. One day when I was really missing her, I took my children to the park. I sat on a park bench watching the children at play when I noticed a bluebird had landed near me on the bench. Oddly, this bird and I made a connection. I spoke to it as it bounced unusually close to me. It felt like mom had reached out from the heavens to remind me to be joyful for my life. 

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