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Guides versus Angels
VIP Messages for Sharon:
I would like to know the difference between spirit guides & guardian angels. Sharon

Laura Lee: Sharon, your spirit guide and guardian angels have many differences. I’ll share the top three ways to discern between the two dimensions.

First, your spirit guides and guardian angels are from different realms. 

Your guardian angel is an emissary of the light, a messenger of God, and your guardian is assigned to you specifically. Angels can take physical form to get their point across but, it’s rare. Your spirit guide is a discarnate spirit, and they may have lived at some point and volunteered to participate in your life. A spirit guide can be an ancestor, a friend on the other side, or a master teacher such as Christ, Buddha, and White Eagle. They could also be a power animal like an eagle, cougar, or a dog, insects such as a dragonfly, butterfly, or cricket, and or a plant you’re drawn to as roses, bamboo, or a lotus flower.

Second, your spirit guides and guardian angels serve different purposes. 

Your guardian angel is with you throughout life to keep you in all ways. They watch over and protect you, do not judge your choices, and love you unconditionally. And your angel intervenes, upon your request, to administer miracles. In contrast, your spirit guide can change over time or guide you through lifetimes to help your soul advance. They grant you new skills, talent, and knowledge to be your best given any situation. Guides are wise and trusted mentors, giving your life direction. Both realms empower, not disempower, your life.

Third, your spirit guides and guardian angels communicate differently. 

Just as everyone is different, your guardian angel and spirit guide uniquely interact with you intuitively.

 For instance, some people connect with their angels through universal numbers such as 1111, 222, or 4444 or a sign like feathers. Whereas some people may recognize their guide’s presence to confirm they’re heading in the right direction. For instance, my daughter feels guided by a rose flower, and its sweet scent brings her peace and affirms she’s where she needs to be. Neither realm is religious; therefore, a clergy member, guru, or psychic is not necessary to relay their messages for you.

It pays to invest your time getting to know your spirit guide and your guardian angel. Neither realm is religious; therefore, you don’t need a clergy member, guru, or psychic to relay their messages. If you’d like to learn more, I teach the following webinars to  Contact Your Spirit Guide and Contact Your Guardian Angel. Discovering who they are in your life and developing a spiritual relationship can make your journey more manageable and even miraculous! 

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