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My question is, will marriage or partnership and children be a part of my journey? Ana

Laura Lee: Yes, yes, Ana, you can count on marriage or a partnership, and children are part of your path too. The right person has a heart of gold because they are involved in public service for the higher good. I sense this person aligns with you at the core because you give from the seat of your soul as well. However, you both take your time, perhaps too long (at least for you), to evaluate the foundation of your relationship and what it is to become. It can leave you in a state of influx. A previous love relationship where someone wasn’t willing to commit to you wholeheartedly confirms my point. 

Based on your question, I see that you are open to the possibilities in whatever form the relationship appears in terms of a marriage or a partnership. However, it takes so long for the other person to commit because you are unclear what you want long-term. Decide what you want. If we waffle between what we want, the universe will respond with mixed messages accordingly. For you, I sense you’re scared of a committed marriage—a divorce in your family’s history validates your anxiety. You have to face your fear if you want to marry one day. 

And then adding children into the equation makes a relationship extremely complicated. Do you want a person who already has children? Or do you want a child of your own and within wedlock or without? I get a lot of static energy around you regarding this subject. Again, a lot of apprehensions. Mostly, it comes from your personal history growing up. Remember that you are not your family. You are a unique and independent person who is on the path of discovering who and what they want out of life. 

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