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Angel Message for 7/7 ~ Efficient: I see an angel sitting under a table reading a book (more like a journal). She appears to have been sorting through boxes of old papers, books, and misc. stuff. Reflecting. Then I see her distribute these items into piles according what stays and what goes. I feel there is intent to clear out (release) the old to make way for the new so to make herself lighter. Because the next scene I see her climbing the mountain and I hear ‘purpose’. I believe that she’s not distracted by the past now, clear and on purpose to make the climb.  If you haven’t already cleared out the closets literally, it can also mean metaphorically: Letting go of old baggage that no longer serves you. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve been debating between two courses of action. One is what you ‘know’ which feels comfortable, but the other is on the edge, a bit more exciting, but it is in the realm of ‘unknown’ ~ that is where the adventure begins! This angel is basically saying that it is time to make a decision. Listen to how you feel in your heart, so that you can move onward and upward without regrets. But, your simple decision will free you to start embarking on a new adventure that evolves over the next 6 months to 6 years. Keep me posted! Bless, LL

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