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Angel Messages for Wk 7/14 ~ Obedient: There is an angel riding a bike and approaches a stop sign. He slows down to check for oncoming traffic before continuing on his path. The point is that he saw the sign and was obedient to the signal, instead of blowing it off, which could have had devastating consequences. He patiently, took the time, to follow your guidance instructions. Thus, he arrives at his destination, which turns out to be a happy gathering with other angels: a party! Pay attention to your signs, inner signals this week. Listen to the heart, as it always knows: Peace is the way. Be patient with yourself. IF you find yourself struggling inwards (or even outwards with another), just stop trying to rationalize your way out. This may cause you (others) some discomfort. Again, stop and move in the direction where there is peace. The reward will result in a celebration with others towards weekend. Keep me posted. Love to hear your updates. Bless, LL

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