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Angel Message for Week 5/5; Efficiency ~ An angel sorts through papers via inbox and outbox. The good news; the angel’s out box is loaded with papers. This seems to mean that this week is all about clearing out extraneous clutter on all levels, such as sorting through things that zap your energy (where you’ve given up your power). These papers can include bills, people, and situations, among other things, that weigh you down. Put these heavy things aside momentarily, in your out box, so that you can concentrate on more important variables in your life (you’ll see yourself moving towards this end sometime this week, if you haven’t already started). I see that the in box has a few, but very important papers. Among these papers include things you’ve intended to create, some movement has been made towards this end, but haven’t seem to reach these goals just yet. Among these papers include your dreams, ideas and inspirations (treasures that were buried deep in the heart). The angel takes each of your very important papers and hangs them on the wall. Upon careful consideration, viewing these images separately, they come together in a collage or a mosaic pattern. And they seem to fit together like pieces of your life’s puzzle. It’s an a-ha moment, because you’ll see the big picture (reread message for May). This is just the motivating factor to keep you moving forward…keep me posted. Bless, LL

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