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Angel Message for week 5/12; Inspiration ~ An angel stands before a sunrise and feels inspired to capture the moment by painting the scene, as they see it, on canvas. It seems important to add that painting is a personal expression of the sunrise. It is unique. This message doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy canvass to paint, unless, of course, you are inspired to paint 🙂 ,but it means for you to be especially open to these kind of little wonders this week, such as a sunrise or sunset and maybe a child’s giggle or someone’s smile. Even a bird chirping a song, a song on the radio, or someone humming a tune is relevant. Whatever the heavenly moment is, where you feel inspired, allow it to fill your mind with thoughts, ideas and daydreams that directly impact your direction. Pay attention to your interpretation of the images that come to you, because they were uniquely expressed for you. While these signs may appear simple, in nature, these are gifts from heaven, because they momentarily release your heavy burdens and give you guidance forward. Listen. Then trust these messages, and immediately follow through, as you are being guided to create the life you were intended to live. Even by taking that next step, it builds your confidence ~ that you are within reach to achieving this image. And there is so much freedom when you live from this space, your very own personal expression: creating your life. I welcome your update. Bless, LL

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