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Am I cursed?

Am I cursed ~ VIP Message for Paul: 

Maybe it’s a stupid question. But, if you can talk to angels, please ask them. Some years back, I met a medium in Lanzarote. She always cried when she saw me saying weird stuff about my soul. She supposedly had a gift like you but told me that my angels didn’t give her permission to tell me anything. 

I am feeling weird about this, but if you don’t get any response from the angels ~ it is no problem. I don’t mind. 

Laura Lee: No, Paul, you are not cursed. 

You are perfect the way you are, and your guardian loves you. 

I’m sorry she made you feel inferior. No one can make you feel inferior unless you permit them. And you cannot be cursed unless you give your power over to another. In this case, you handed energy over to this woman. If you haven’t already, stop going to her and paying money to have her scare you. Fear can motivate people (lack of funds) to take advantage of others and manipulate them. I recommend we restore your power with a cord-cutting (energy attachments) exercise to unplug from this woman and let it go.

1) Sit in a quiet space alone 

2) Visualize this medium standing before you

3) Scan your bodies, top to bottom, to see if there are any cords attached from her to you. Where are they? 

4) Visualize Archangel Michael to use his sword to sever the ties between you and this woman. 

5) Visualize Archangel Michael swoop her up, like Superman, and takes her into the light.

6) Visualize the light from Heaven shine down upon you to cleanse your soul and restore your power.

7) Take a deep breath, inhaling into your crown down into the heart, and exhale through the heart; do this 3x.

8) Give thanks out loud proclaiming your soul’s restoration such as; 

“Thank you for restoring my soul with light and love”

IF you cannot visualize, pretend like a child. It is just as effective. If you still do not feel peace regarding this past situation and or the thoughts of this woman continue to haunt you,  practice until you feel clear. You can also ‘bless’ her and send her off into the light. 

Angels, of the white light, would not withhold information unless you choose to be closed off from their guidance. 

No angel would condemn you to a life of misery. 

No angel would allow you to suffer. 

Your guardians are available to assist you with anything; health, relationships (love), career/life mission, and financial matters too! 

All you need to do is ASK; give your guardian permission to intervene on your behalf by asking for their assistance with whatever ails your heart. 

IF you fail to see clearly, keep asking until the answer appears. The answer will feel right!

PS I suggest reading Angel Message; FORGIVE 

I hope this helps Paul ~ keep me posted. Bless, LL

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