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Alarm clock 4:44

Message of Love Story from Joan: A few years back I was awaken by the sound of an alarm clock at 4:44. My alarm did not go off, but heard it in my head. I was curious of the meaning of 444, so that day I looked up its meaning online and found that it mean ‘you are surrounded by angels.’ Right after I discovered what 444 meant I went outside to play with my dog near my flower garden. In my peripheral vision I saw something shiny and noticed it was one of those helium filled balloons. It was floating downward and landed in my garden. It had butterflies on it and said ‘Happy Birthday’. I noticed a note attached to the string on the balloon. It said, ‘If you have found this note, you have been touched by an angel.’ I have saved the balloon and note. I will always remember this experience.

IF you have a story to share about angels, miracles or messages from your dearly departed (guides), please email it, along with a digital image (if possible), to; [email protected]

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