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My toes danced

Message of Love Story from Susanne; When I woke this morning, I had a pain in my shoulder blade that has been bothering me for some time. I decided to relax and visualize the pain passing. All of the sudden, my mom came to mind. I heard a voice tell me that I need to go see her. I was directed to ask her if I could borrow her photo albums so that I could copy pictures of my children that I lost several years ago and I need to do this really soon. I asked this voice if it was my guardian angel. My toes danced. Weird?! I asked this voice to help me cleanse my body of negative energy and release the tension in my shoulder blades. I laid there with my eyes closed and felt a streak of white light pass through my head, go into all my veins, nerves and send exciting feelings through my feet. I then felt this swirly, yet calm feeling that my angels were caressing me. Wow, it was awesome. I felt warm. My shoulder blade did not hurt. Then there was a sudden urge to open my eyes and write you. Susanne

IF you have a story to share about angels, miracles or messages from your dearly departed (guides), please email it, along with a digital image (if possible), and song dedication to; [email protected]

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