Stabilize ~ Angel Message:

Do what you can to stabilize anything unbalanced in your life. Life always throws you curve balls; you have to evacuate your home due to a forest fire, a family member falls ill from an incurable virus, or a friend’s untimely death seems unconscionable. A life detour can appear in pleasant packages, too; an unexpected baby announcement or a job promotion but requires a significant move. These moments can test you at the cell level. You rise or fall to meet the challenge, based upon your response. It’s all up to you to manage your controllables. 

Process through your emotions to stablize the situation. Allow yourself a time out to take it all in. Stay present with whatever feeling surfaces to see clearly. Smothering how you feel about the sudden change delays and can block progress. If it throws you into a panic attack, take deep breaths to let it run its course. If feelings of anger emerge, go somewhere safe to throw your tantrum. Feel like crying? Find a friend’s shoulder to lean on. Hard emotions can point out the right course of action. After you catch your breath, light can break through to reveal the silver lining in change. 

Stabilize unsteady footing by choosing the right thinking. You can’t control everything and everyone, but you can choose your thoughts. Any thoughts about harming yourself (including abusive self-talk), or another, due to any life upheaval is not divine guidance. Release them at once and or seek help. Persistent thoughts,  images, and scenarios where you accept the shift as part of your bigger plan is divine intervention. Thoughts such as, “It’s going to work out,” “Don’t worry,” or “You’re going to survive.” IF these aren’t obvious to you, ask your higher self what to do now to best deal with the sudden life diversion. Trust to restore life equilibrium to get on with it. 

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