Angel Message for Week: The ‘Angel of Understanding’ will impart information and give clarity to a situation that’s troubled you. It may also answer a perplexing question that you’ve asked yourself (or another) more than once. This information serves to bridge all gaps, divides and/or any differences. Up to this point, this piece of the puzzle was withheld from you for a reason. Grace intervenes in divine timing. And it is all good. If you still question the source or need more confirmation, ask ‘Angel of Understanding’ to provide tangible evidence;  ‘“Ask and you shall receive.” Then wait for it; If you hear, see, feel or ‘know’ it (comes in the form of a repetitive thought) ~ especially more than three times ~ trust it is indeed the answer you were seeking. Once you ‘understand,’ the ball will be in your hands to take responsibility. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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