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Angel Message for Week: The ‘Angel of Peace’ will share their gift of love with you. It can be delivered in various forms; Someone may say or do something to alleviate your worries, you’re given some unexpected downtime alone or you’ll share time with a significant other (maybe a group) who is in harmony with you, or perhaps you read, see or hear something that gives serenity to the soul. Most importantly, you’ll be aware of this peaceful transmission when it washes over you like a light illuminating that everything is as it should be in harmony. Trust this message; You may need to recall upon it in times of difficulty to restore your faith. This gift, even if momentarily, will heal, rejuvenate and renew your strength; Mind body and soul for you to take action. You’ll know where to channel your energy as it involves other sisters and brothers who have the same passions at heart.  Keep me posted. Bless, LL
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