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Try ~ Angel Message:

There’s no need to try so hard when you already are. Embody this belief to achieve whatever it is you want to become and or achieve in life. Own it; you are beautiful, intelligent, wise, strong, loving, courageous, a good parent, a productive employee, an excellent boss, a successful business owner, or a rockstar. You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself.

‘Try’ energy says to the world you are never enough. Proving to others that you are worthy exerts only worry, anxiety or depression. Heavier emotions slow your progression forward. At worse, they can stunt your growth by giving up too soon. Can’t won’t ~ but a can-do attitude accomplishes the impossible. 

‘Try’ says it’s not going to happen. When you say, ‘I’ll try,’ you’re excusing yourself for not living up to other’s expectations. When you claim, “I am” or “I can,” you climb mountains. Faking it until you make it sets the intention to draw more opportunities to you; the right resources, and people who validate your light. Being yourself radiates god’s glory onto the world.

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