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The king

Message of Love from Lucy: … I was in Anaheim with my daughter and her cheer friends for a filming of a cheer music video that they were invited to be in.  We stopped by the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale to check out Michael Jackson’s mausoleum. His mausoleum is unmarked, so it took us some time to find it. The girls were so happy and they were playing the Jackson 5 song, “ABC” and singing while we were searching. The sun went down and it got dark and we finally stumbled upon his mausoleum, after doing some Google research! The girls were excited and jumped out the car. …all happy and reading the notes that people left for Michael…I told them that I wanted a pic of the mausoleum doors first without them in it. I snapped the pic, looked at it, and couldn’t believe what I saw. The girls saw the pic and ran to the car for their lives! It was funny! I eventually went back to the car and left with the girls because they were scared. I stopped the car at the gate entrance and said a prayer…the prayer you taught me to surround yourself with the white light for protection. They felt at ease and then we drove off. I know MJ loved children and just maybe their energetic energy while singing his song attracted his spirit….it’s a mystery 🙂 I just had to share!

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