Patience is cherished
Angel Message:
Patience is a cherished act of love.

Be more patient with yourself by replacing self-deprecating thoughts with words of empowerment. Stop forcing yourself to change and be more gentle with life transitions. The world is already challenging enough without having another bully push you around. Self-tolerance makes you more considerate towards others, allowing people the space to be who and what they are at any given moment. What you give, you’ll receive the same kindness.

Everything flows when you’re patient with life’s process.

You’re in a hurry to be somewhere you are not, and rushing doesn’t get you there any faster. Besides, you might miss a more important step along the way. Stop forcing yourself to be something more than what you are now. Life isn’t a competitive sport to be the best, most talented, prettiest, most affluent, fittest, charming, or whatever it is you think you got to be to feel valued. These programmed societal paradigms will not bring the salvation you seek. Surrender the illusions to see your life’s treasures before they pass you by.

Patience is a practiced discipline.

The ego wants you confused, frustrated, and separated from other people by feeding off your insecurities and fears. You can reframe these learned behaviors. Your soul is naturally patient, loving, and joyful. Train yourself to be more patient by stepping away from a situation where you feel that push, rush, or desire to be someone other than you. Return your attention to the breath. Ask yourself, “what’s most important?” You’ll hear a reply whispered within. Listen. The answer will change your perspective for the higher good.

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