Hopeful ~ Angel Message:

Keep hopeful in spirit for what lies ahead. Your future is now, depending on the choices you make today. You hold enormous power within to co-create what is to come. Release your worries at once.

Lookup for hopeful inspiration. Whenever you feel weary, ask the heavens for a sign of hope and wait for it. The message may come through another person, an email/text, a song and or a dream. Acknowledge the sign with gratitude. Feelings of praise will increase the likelihood of more blessings and cheer.

To be hopeful means filling yourself with hope. Increase your ‘hope’ meter by raising endorphins with exercise, getting plenty of rest, eating nutritionally to make yourself feel good, being social with people and pets, playing, creating, and or going out in nature. All these activities will shift your mind to see the outpour of love and support for you in the world.

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