Angel Message for Week: Persevere despite the obstacles that block your path, the negative self talk that can always find excuses why you can’t…or reasons why it’s stupid, and the naysayers who point out how you’re wasting (yours/their) time. Maybe you made a mistake. So what? You learned something new ~ what not to do next time. And you fell ~ real hard? Okay, so it hurt, but you didn’t die. You haven’t failed…yet ~ unless you quit. Are you quitting? Didn’t think so. Climb back up, dust yourself off  ~ try, try, and try again. Check out this super girl trying hard to jump onto a stool;

Isn’t her expression priceless? Follow her lead. She’s a little preview into your future ~ if you keep moving forward! Be compassionate towards yourself, and any others involved with the process, to free up fears and blocks ~ let go of the past. I know it’s hard to do, but shake it off anyway. You’ll regain stamina, energy and power to move full steam ahead. And if it involves more than one party, you’re spirit is contagious; You’ll all harmonize in a clear pitch. Keep me posted ~ Bless, LL

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