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Persevere ~ Angel Message:

Persevere on your intended course. Remember the reason ‘why’ you chose to do what you’re doing to remain steadfast. Write it out, and then make it visible to remind yourself daily to strengthen your commitment. There’s a good reason you came to this conclusion; a higher power is answering prayers. There isn’t a day that goes by where you receive a sign of why you must carry on.

Preserve even if you feel insecure about having little to no success. The shadow self wants to keep you small. It will say you’re not enough; too old, too fat, not bright, not attractive, or no money. And you can hear opposition or counter-influences about why you ‘can’t’; however, pay no attention. Listen to your instincts to keep on, especially if that small voice won’t let up about what you need to do as if all systems are a go! Rely on hope; there’s always a glimmer that you exceed all expectations. 

Persevere despite any setbacks. Taking consistent action, no matter how small, towards your destination, helps override discouraging moments. Setbacks are transitory and a necessary part of the process. Challenges are teaching moments to adjust your strategy, build self-confidence, and strengthen your resolve. Today is a new day to begin again. 

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