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Angel Message for June: Patience. You actively engage patience by increasing a higher threshold. Don’t lose your cool by letting others get under your skin. And breathe when all systems seem to go wrong. It’s really a combination of the small, annoying, stuff that makes you sweat more than usual. This month tests your ‘will’ to go the distance. Take for instance how this dog almost loses it with an annoying puppy biting at his toes. Notice how he’s talked down from shredding it to pieces. Imagine the future repercussions had this dog chosen to devour this pup. Cut and paste this link into your browser for review;

Imagine the repercussions should you make a snap decision…and talk yourself down! 

Balance. Take time to find balance between self, family, friends and or work obligations. Maintain your mental, emotional and physical well being to maximize energy and manage stress levels. Nows not the time to skip a meal, your workout or sleep. Make time out a priority when you feel your temperature rise to keep calm. Know what you can or cannot do and speak your truth with heart felt care. All these steps lead you in the right direction.

Gratitude. Your patience pays off with gratitude. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but it is in the grand scheme of things. You’ll be grateful you acted with care towards yourself and others. Patience is a virtue that is a learned skill. Patience teaches you not to live in the past or future. The present is your gift. Patience can help you avoid acting in haste to make a poor decision. Patience helps you reach a desired goal. What you put out, you’ll get back in divine time. Keep me posted. Happy Summer! LL

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