PATIENCE Angel Message for Week Feb 22: The ‘Angel of Patience’ helps you forge ahead, particularly this week, in an arduous task  that you desire to complete. This task requires your undivided attention, focus, and care. Whether or not you achieve your goal this week, isn’t the point so much as it is getting through a hump where you are beginning to feel weary, doubting you’ll ever see an end to the project. That’s because it is testing your emotional, mental and perhaps your physical endurance too. This angel doesn’t want you to give up. She reminds you to ‘keep on, keeping on’ because soon you’ll have clarity and see an end in sight ~ which isn’t as far off as you imagined in your little head. She will poke you along the way giving you focus and the support you need from those who believe in you ~  and all are delighted by the results of your hard work. Welcome your feedback or updates. Bless. LL

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