Angel Message for Week FEB 15; The ‘Angel of Adventure’ comes into your life this week with the intention to shake things up from your ho-hum daily regime. (We wouldn’t want you to ‘die of boredom’ ~ because that is a real thing you know! 🙂  I was guided to look up the actual definition of adventure (google online) so that I can explain exactly what you can expect ~and it read, “Unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity,” ~ This came to me….”Lion’s, Tigers, and Bears…OH MY!” Wizard of Oz  ~ and or cut/paste url:

As you may remember (or see in video) that it’s just a warm, cuddly and wimpy lion that that seeks courage to move forward in life. While the prospect of this adventure may initially scare/startle you, there is no time for fear ~ this angel claims you’ll naturally possess the courage to take on the challenge like a pro. Simply stated, you just go for it because it is your purpose. I can’t wait to hear your feedback from the week! Bless, LL

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