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Meant to quit

VIP Message for Layla:

Am I meant to quit my current corporate job to start my businesses that involve painting, spiritual work, financial/investment education full time? Essentially I wanted to know if I could still make a good living condition if I stepped into that new space. Thank you 🙏🏼 Layla

Laura Lee: Yes, of course, Layla, whenever you’re ready to go! 

Oh my, do you have a large serving of busyness heaped onto your plate. From what I read, you have a job plus TWO businesses occupying your brain cell time.

The illusion is that those different aspects of self, painting, spiritual work, financial investment education are separate. 

However, the painter, spiritualist, financial investor, student, and educator are one. They are the wholeness of your being. You already are those things, plus more! The leap isn’t far away from corporate because you already are a businesswoman that is a spiritual being who happens to be an artist who financially supports herself.

You’re putting in the hard work, and the last piece is your spiritual work by embracing your power. 

The idea of leaving corporate won’t overwhelm you by trying to find a way to make it happen when you realize that you’re doing it now! Everything you are from your past and want to become is nicely packaged into YOU: here and now. The present moment is the only thing that exists. 

It will help if you believe in yourself as an artist, a businesswoman, who controls her financial well-being

If you question whether it is time to leave corporate, you doubt yourself, your ability, and your talent. When in doubt, don’t leave until you feel secure in yourself. Doubt typically means that you need more information, confirmation, and self-confidence. A little more time can help eliminate a “can’t” attitude and enact a “can” perspective. You are already moving heaven on Earth forces by acting upon your instincts. 

There are a few things I foresee that will happen before you spread your wings to take flight.

1) You will receive more commission work that secures your financial status as an artist and businesswoman. The result will require more of your time to complete projected due dates. Naturally, all this work will finally bury the idea of being a profitable businesswoman and artist – not to mention a female artist that is very much alive and not a legend after she’s dead! Cancel out any of those crappy limitations dancing around in your head about financially supporting self, when you already are doing it and replace your old thoughts with positive affirmations. 

2) You wholeheartedly believe in yourself as a successful artist. And not to become just any other artist, but a financially successful artist that excels in her field. You got to proclaim your stake in the world and own it! Again, I sense that your self-belief evolves as more people embrace your work. It works in reverse too, when you believe other people will believe in you too.

3) Finally, your corporate job shifts due to top-down administrative changes that force you to become an independent businesswoman and artist. The disruption is by design to help you to observe the world differently with your eyes wide open. Future developments will impact how you decide to do business with other people and as a visual artist. Trust that there is always an opportunity, blessings disguised in moments of upheaval. Once you spot it out, there’s no stopping your shiny new enthusiasm.

You already are a financially successful, independent businesswoman and artist!

Trust yourself now. No more second-guessing yourself. KNOW, within your heart, that it’s time to live your life the way you always knew it could be. You are 90% away from stepping over the finish line; you go girl!

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