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October Angel Message:
The answer always lies in the question.

Buried deep within your soul, you know the truth. You already have the solution. The reason you doubt your intuition isn’t because it doesn’t work. It’s because you don’t trust yourself to make the best-informed decision. Then you’d be held accountable for the choices you make. What gets you into trouble is when you relinquish power to another person (or online) to answer your questions. It can confuse your decision-making process and override what you already know to be true. Instead, take time out to sit in silence and listen to the small voice within.

Your heart, mind, and body can validate your answer.

If what you see, hear and feel pains the heart, then it isn’t right. Bow out gracefully, despite the naysayers. Comparatively, if what you see and hear makes your heart sing, it’s a definite go. And having these repeated validations acknowledged not only once or twice but three times or more is proof that your spirit is giving you a heads up on what decision is best for you. 

Sometimes, the correct answer requires hard choices.

And making a hard choice is the tricky part because it can raise fears. Like, what if you’re wrong?! Ask higher guidance that if you make an XYZ decision, what will happen. Then wait for the first thing that comes to mind; trust it. If the answer is anything other than harming you, another person, or death itself, it isn’t anything worth stressing out over. It all works out better than you can imagine because your intuition, connected to higher intelligence, wouldn’t lead you astray. It is no more than you can handle. Plus, higher guidance knows things that you can’t possibly foresee. Most importantly, accept the answer and take action immediately. If you don’t, the universe will eventually force you into a position to make the decision that you knew was right all along.  

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