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Angel Message for December ~ Truth: I see two angels come together to speak their truth. It takes courage to open your heart, be vulnerable, and to share your truth to another person. More importantly, for this to occur, you have to become truthful with yourself! ‘The truth will set you free,’ is the case in this situation, because you will no longer carry this burden upon your heart once you open yourself. You’ll find peace. Don’t worry about how this dialog is going come about, because you already know it needs to take place and expect it. You just haven’t had the courage up until this month. IF you are having trouble, doubts, insecurities, hand it over for divine intervention at the right moment (even if you are unsure of your own hearts desire, ask that your own truth be revealed). And then just listen to your inner signals; your feelings (clairsentient) and thoughts that softly repeat within (clairaudient) is guidance nudging you gently to take action. I believe this process is easier said and done than you previously had thought…because you feared knowing the truth. But the sooner that this dialog takes place, with self and or the other person, the better for all involved. Welcome your feedback ~ Bless, LL

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