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Neighbor ~ Angel Message: 

Your neighborly good deed pays unexpected dividends. In this case, a neighbor can extend beyond the proximity of your home, and you may not even ‘know’ the person. They can include a person near you in a shopping lane or anyone in need of your help. Your charity doesn’t come with strings attached. Your act of kindness genuinely comes from the heart.

Neighboring people are in your vicinity for a reason. Like any personal relationship, transitory or not, they offer your life value ~ and lessons too. Just when you believe it is you giving favor, it is the other way around. It may be a guardian angel sent on your behalf, instead of the other way around.

Being a good neighbor reveals your higher self. No judgment of race, sex, religion, class, or political view determines your actions. You extend assistance because you would want the same treatment. While you don’t expect reciprocation, what you put out does come back. It may or may not be directly from the same person, but the universal exchange of positive energy reverberates to the right person who repays equal kindness. Trust your instincts the next opportunity to extend a favor towards someone in need.

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