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Really blocked

Lily from Milwaukee: Hi Laura, I feel really blocked right now. I’ve thought of starting a website as a side project for tarot readings and medium work, but I can’t seem to get that moving. I just don’t know…Any ideas?  Lily

Medium Laura Lee: Thanks for sharing Lily ~ When I read your question, I don’t feel it is so much lacking interest in the work as it is as lack of self-confidence as a reader and starting a business. Starting a business is a daunting project, especially if it is a psychic business. It might be easier for you to offer your services to a psychic organization such as California,, or are to name a few, to build up your confidence. Plus, they already have an established clientele coming to their sites. I know from being in the field that setting up a website isn’t enough to draw in business, you have to market the website too to draw business.  You have to be proactive from many angles: speaking, writing, media, passing out your cards etc. It is a full-time job. And if this is your first foot out the door, which is my sense, align yourself with someone that can support you on the business end while you build self-confidence and clientele. Usually, these businesses require a few test readings from you to determine if you’re the real deal. I’ve known others, who practiced with such organizations, earn a full-time living and can schedule their own hours; part-time to full-time. And it will help with added income you seek. Then, when you feel confident enough, it might be easier to leap out on your own. I understand that someone in the family line has had the ability to make connection to the other side too, female on maternal side, but they too never materialized the ability in a business per say. However, friends or family benefited from their insights. Call upon her assistance; she is your spirit guide, to help you to move forward. I get the impression that this has been on your mind for a long while. That is a call from your spirit; to come out of the closet (metaphorically). And you may just need their hand to get you started and that can manifest in friends or family seeking your guidance. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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