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Beginning ~ Angel Message: 

Today is a new beginning for you.  It doesn’t matter the goal you wish to obtain; whether it is to reach that desired weight, to ask that special someone out, to give that relationship another chance, to go for that dream job, or to overcome a health or financial crisis…the struggle is all the same. Each and everyday is a new beginning to try, try, and try again. Creating the world you desire takes time. It requires fortitude, courage, strength, vision and focus. Whatever you do, don’t stop. Keep moving in the desired direction. 

Beginnings open you to new possibilities. Perhaps someone has stepped (or steps) into your life, showing you another way you hadn’t thought possible. Be on the lookout for daily inspiration to keep you motivated. Earth angels abound to encourage you to stretch and grow to be your best self. They can show you what is possible. Perhaps it is seeing your objective from new perspective, or try a different path, or to simply overcome fear. The only one holding you back from the desired outcome is you.

Beginnings transform your body, mind and soul. Be patient with yourself. Change takes time. You’re conditioning the mind to accept a shift your heart and soul commands. You know it’s divinely inspired, because it won’t let you rest. Continuous thoughts, synchronicities, and or coincidental moments appear are reminders to get back on track. With persistence, your body will eventually follow once it connects with your spirit and mind. Before long, your action becomes second nature. Nothing good is without set backs. Challenges shape who you are and what you’re to become. Remember the reason you started this journey in the first place to keep you motivated. Seize the day ~ again. 

Rami Malek didn’t give up his quest of becoming an award winning actor. “…and to anyone struggling …trying to discover their voice, listen we made a film about a gay man and an immigrant who a lived his life unapologetically himself…”  Listen to his 2019 Oscar acceptance speech, on YouTube, for his lead acting role in Bohemian Rhapsody.

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