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Learn ~ Angel Message:

You learn news, about yourself and or someone else, that throws you for a loop. Take it all in because, yes, it’s really happening. The news can be something you expect and or it is something you learn that is completely unexpected. It may require a shift in thinking and or an uncustomary change. Life isn’t without change. Change is neither good or bad. It is is only different and depends on the way you look at it. Take the news in stride; today is the beginning of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde is a crazy period can last up to and around three weeks.

Whatever you learn, about yourself and or another person, requires compassion. Don’t work yourself into a tizzy. It’s perfectly human that you do, but it’s all going to work out okay. Support, understanding, and love go a long way for self (and or for others). Learning anything new takes time to absorb. Then take baby steps. Before long you’ll be walking along not thinking anything about it anymore. 

It helps to surrender, whatever you learn, to a higher power. You can’t always control the people and things in your environment. You can, however, control the way you respond to circumstances. Whenever things seem to be out of control, take time out to breathe. Let the thought (news) go upon an exhale. Come back to your center by focusing on what’s going on right here and now. Things will unfold like they are supposed to ~ and for the highest good of all.

For instance, author Sallie Tisdale shares what she learned about death in her article; “How a Common Death Ritual Made It Harder to Mourn the Loss of My Mother.” She says, “…an idea took hold in the American psyche: that we will be comforted by not seeing our loved one’s corpse — by not seeing the fact of our loved one’s death. That we find solace only when we remember our loved ones “as they were.  We find solace only when we remember our loved ones “as they were.” Read more in TIME

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