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We are angels

We are angels ~ Messages of Love Story by Lee:

My 94-year-old grandmother fell this week. Grandma has fallen and bumped her head so many times that we all lost count. We usually joke with her that she has nine lives. The only difference this time; she broke a clavicle and multiple ribs that put a lot of stress on her breathing. To make matters worse, the surgeon said they weren’t comfortable operating, given her fragile condition. We are biting our nails. Rest and physical therapy were the only doctor’s orders for her to return to any normalcy. Given her diagnosis and seeing how badly she’s bruised, it is mindboggling how nurses said that my tough-as-nails granny is not on any painkillers.

My grandmother told my mom that her entire family (who have crossed over) filled the hospital room. Only mom was present. She also said that her father regularly visits, along with her two late sisters. My cousin said that grandma mentioned that her father was coming for her shortly. She eagerly waited for his return. During my brother’s visit, she stated point-blank that she was talking to an angel and that angels surrounded him in the room. “Beautiful,” is what she said, staring ahead. When we ask her who we are, she can’t recall names but says we are angels.

After that, she went into a deep coma state sleep. No one, neither doctors nor nurses, can wake her. Other than the automated equipment to detect her vitals, she has no machines attached to her body. Momentarily, we all take turns watching her rest comfortably in her hospital room’s easy chair while viewing her favorite HGTV station. I remain hopeful that she wakes again to chat about home remodeling on television, but it’s comforting to know that she has family in heaven and on Earth by her side. It was always my grandmother’s wish to pass away asleep without pain. 

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