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Warning of “9/11”

Messages of Love Story by Ruben

This is a mysterious prophecy from an ET encounter with a young boy in Mexico who was warned about a 9-11 attack. It has been my good fortune to visit UFO hot spots in Mexico over the past years, where I had the opportunity to talk to many UFO investigators and eyewitnesses. My Interest in the Mexico UFO experience began in the mid- 1990s. I served as a researcher, interpreter, and guide for Beyond Boundaries: a tour company specializing in taking people to areas of high UFO activity throughout the world, including Mexico. 

There have been numerous reports by many people living near the Volcano Popocatepetl zone who have observed strange objects flying in and out of the volcano’s crater. Some people have speculated that there is a hidden alien base located somewhere deep within the volcano. The name Popocatepetl comes from the Aztec Nahuatl words popōca ‘it smokes’ and tepētl ‘mountain’, thus Smoking Mountain. 

I had first learned about a young Mexican boy’s strange encounter from a 1993 C-SETI newsletter. Dr. Steven Greer, along with Dr. Joe Burkes, had organized an expedition near the Popocatepetl volcano and trained a group of Mexican researchers on the C-SETI protocols. They met a young boy named Claudio Gonzalez, who saw an alien and told that there would be a war in New York. 

I had the opportunity to travel on two Beyond Boundaries expeditions in 1995 & 1996 to the small town of Atlimiyaya near the Volcano Popocatepetl. In 1996, we met several contacts, including a young boy named Claudio Gonzalez, at a restaurant.   

Claudio shared his story with our group. He said that three years earlier, in 1993, both he and his friend were herding a few goats. The boys were sitting along a rock ledge when suddenly, a bright, intense light appeared. The goats became very frightened and moved into a protective circle formation. 

Claudio was able to observe three tiny beings wearing tight-fitting clothing. Claudio described the beings as having large heads, strange faces, and no mouths. Claudio described one of the beings as having strange markings on its head and a beard or growth of fine hair on its chin and spoke “telepathically” to both boys. Claudio said he heard a garbled voice within his head. The being said they were there to protect the volcano and prevent the “others” from erupting the volcano. 

During the telepathic link, the being also revealed to Claudio of a future event that caused Claudio great puzzlement. The bearded being said that there would be a “War” in New York. As Claudio had limited education and had never been outside his village, he knew nothing about New York. The being also revealed that the “War” would cause the entire world to go “on alert.” 

When I interviewed Claudio in 1996, I first thought that his story referred to the first terrorist attack in 1993 at the World Trade Center. Obviously, after the 2001 attack, my assessment of the mysterious Prophecy delivered to Claudio had changed. The beings may have been foretelling the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. 

The “Strange Universe,” a paranormal television show, aired the boy’s story from September 9, 1996, through January 1, 1997. The show presented “The MeXico Files” or “MEX Files” a series on the UFO Phenomena in Mexico. The film crew traveled to Mexico and interviewed Claudio about his encounters and the strange Prophecy.   

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Ruben Jose Uriarte graduated from Cal State University with a B.A. degree in Psychology and Latin American Studies and has taken M.A. courses in Public Administration. 

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