Message of Love from Liz: I wanted to give you a brief update on where things are with my (aunts murder) case. I had told you I was working with a private investigator. That didn’t go far. I don’t think he will have anything to do with why I solve this case myself ~ and I am confident that I will too. Recently, an article was published in the paper about my aunt and her case. Things are going well since, because they reopened the files; the wrong people finally got word that the case is being reexamined! Also, FOX News came to my house yesterday for unsolved mysteries ~ it airs next Wednesday. Which is great to finally get the word out public. Also, you told me that you saw me as a police officer with a gun pursing a case  ~ I am beginning to think that being a private investigator is my future. It is becoming a reality due to my aunt’s murder. It’s so incredible to see things unfold with her guidance. Keeping my thoughts positive that I solve the case!

IF you have a messages of love from your dearly departed, spirit guides, or angels, please contact us and share your story (no more than paragraph and digital image of your loved one ~ but, not required). In return, we’ll email you 10% off any service or upcoming event. 

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