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Butterfly Spirit

Messages of Love from Tammy: I am making a change with my career path. There is a lot of anxiety about this shift. While it has been naturally evolving for years, now I’m making a full time leap because I feel my other options are minimal, especially in this economy. My main concern is not knowing if I’m going to be successful or even create enough income to support my family. The crazy thing is that I’ve noticed that anytime this subject is on my mind, I see a butterfly cross my path. I see them everywhere! I even saw one on a book jacket that a friend gave me. Normally, I don’t notice such things, but this has come to my attention daily. I looked up butterfly, as a spirit guide, online something I wouldn’t normally do), and found that it symbolizes transition, resurrection, celebration, and change in life. All these traits make sense to my concerns. I feel confident that this was a spiritual sign and it was reassuring to receive its message.

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