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Message of Love from Tonya; I spent a lot of time with my great grandmother when I was a child. My grandmother couldn’t speak because she had a stroke. So we could never hold a conversation. But, it didn’t seem to matter much, because our dialog was beyond words. It was through spirit. It was such a pleasure being in her company. I was filled with her hugs and kisses, we’d watch tv together and look at old family photographs. These simple gifts bridged our worlds together. Every visit, we’d share Hershey kisses. I would gobble up as many as I could before my parents returned (because they banned sugar :-). She’s gone now, but she seems to have way to let me know she is still with me. For instance, I find candy kisses.…no joke. I found one in my kitchen cabinet the other day. I really don’t know how it got there because I don’t buy these things; I like to keep my own kids away from sugar too. But, certainly grandma was with me when I shared the miraculous treat with my younger daughter who happened to be by my side when it was discovered. Really ~ what girl doesn’t like chocolate?
IF you have a messages of love from your dearly departed, spirit guides, or angels, please contact us and share your story (no more than paragraph and digital image of your loved one ~ but, not required). In return, we’ll email you 10% off any service or upcoming event. 


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