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Review ~ Angel Message:

A thorough review of your past, up to the present, sets in motion needed change. An unhealthy pattern in your life becomes apparent when it resurfaces. The dynamic does not serve your highest good. No more lip services, making excuses, mumbling, and or complaining to others anymore. It’s going to require a new mindset to alter your thoughts and behavior to create different results. You commit to healing areas in your life that no longer work for you.

A recent event that transpired triggers a life review. You can’t seem to let it go. Upon introspection, you realize it’s nothing new. It’s the same thing played out in different scenarios and sometimes with other people. Like a broken record, the sound grates your nerves put you on edge. The inner discord is a sign to evaluate your role. Doing the same thing is unacceptable because it doesn’t bring you, and or anyone around you, peace. Previously, you took steps to alter the course, and it was effective. You know what to do. Practice patience and consistency to cement your new behavior for positive results.

A life review identifies a learned behavior was the way of life. But, it’s not the only path. It’s the way you know how because you had no other role models. And that’s okay because it made you who you are and served a purpose for survival up until now. The changes in the outside world are causing you to shift your perceptions  ~ positively. You know things have to be different for a better future.

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