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Prepare ~ Angel Message;

Prepare for the changes taking place. It’s been a long time coming because you’ve put forth the effort to make it happen based on your insight and personal vision. There are no regrets from the past. All that’s happened changed you for the better. You’re stronger and more resilient. You have proven to yourself that anything’s possible. 

Prepare to spring into action. Opportunities abound. There’s a lot of positive momentum and support around you. This doesn’t go without saying that you aren’t without challenges, but they aren’t issues you haven’t dealt with before. You tackle problems head-on, one by one. Nothing, or no one, stands in the way between you and where you’re going. 

Prepare to trust your gut. It hasn’t failed you up to this point, so why will it now? Your instincts are on target. And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. To prove it, you’re beginning to see (also, hear and feel) the fruits of your labor. Your back on track and it’s picking up steam. Before long, you’ll be pulling into the station, tooting a horn to announce your arrival. Welcome your feedback ~ Bless, LL

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