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Faith ~ Angel Message:

Faith is an instinct that everything is going to work out okay. You always find a way. Despite what others say, you know without a doubt that whatever happens is for your highest good. This attitude sets good energy in motion. You’re more likely to be open to the endless possibilities and opportunities. And your high expectations, for self and the situation, bring about harmonious forces to work in your favor. 

Faith lights your path. It banishes all fear, blocks, and negativity that would otherwise stop you in your tracks. You know you’ll find a way when something comes up.  You trust that you can tackle whatever obstacle set before you. Faith gives you the clarity to see open doors, including the people willing to collaborate with you towards a common goal. 

Faith means you are keenly aware. Your priorities realign. You focus on what’s most important to achieve an objective. Your inner GPS discerns who, why, how and what is direction is right for you. You are observant. You pay attention to that small voice within and heed its guidance. You know what feels right and what is not right. Your heart calls you to go and get it done now.  

Like animals, you have the instinct to navigate and survive life. A young fox walked from Norway’s Arctic islands to Canada in just 76 days and “scientists are ‘speechless’ at this arctic fox’s epic trek” Read in BBC News

Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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