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Spontaneous ~ Angel Message; 

You spontaneously deviate from the schedule. At first, you may resist the change for fear of abandoning normal obligations. After reflection, however, you see it works in favor of everything else you have going on. You’ll have time to accomplish it all. Besides, this opportunity is too exciting to pass up. Your heart beats a resounding yes. And it’s hard to ignore the butterflies fluttering their wings inside that encourage you to take this detour on your adventure. Flexibility is a necessary ingredient for life balance.

Being spontaneous makes you feel alive. This unplanned plot twist came unexpectedly in your life script. But, it couldn’t have been better timed than now. It works perfectly in the big scheme of things. Sometimes things happen to push you outside the comfort zone. Plus, to give you a whole new perspective of where you’ve been, where you are at, and where you’re heading. Life is interesting. 

A spontaneous spirit is open to possibilities. Release the ‘what if’ good versus bad scenarios. Remember to be present and enjoy what is. Your pivot in plans is all good. Upon introspection of self, you learn this deviation is in line with your heart’s desire.

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