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Angel Message for June ~ Adventure: I see the ‘angel of adventure’ climbing a mountain. Completely enjoying the moment while remaining focused on his next step ahead. He climbs in complete peace. But one false move, out of the moment, could actually make him stumble or even fall. Meanwhile, his focus is so keen in the moment, that it is laser sharp to navigate the obsticals up the rock; from what appears no possible ledges that would help him climb upward to forging another path around a hawks nest that rests in his way. The point is that he finds away around these barriers and keeps on going no matter what, because the only way from where he is now ~ is up! Each time he manages to succeed past a hurdle, it makes him stronger. He reaches the summit and gets to enjoy the view. By believing in himself, he essentially increases his self confidence in his own ability to succeed. The angel of adventure is visiting you this month to help you climb your own mountain…whatever that maybe, but I’m pretty sure you already know what that ‘mountain’ is for you. It is your life adventure. This angel will give you the strength so that you can forge around blocks to ‘keep on keeping on’ no matter what ~ to give you hope and as well add a little more fun to help you move forward. This it isn’t about the destination, it’s about enjoying the journey. Right? IF it isn’t fun, what’s the point of doing it? Miley Cyrus, inspirational song, keeps coming to mind as I write this message for you, called ‘The Climb’ and or cut/paste:  Keep me posted on your journey! Bless, LL



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