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Angel Message for Month: The ‘Angel of Peace’ ushers in a calm period. This angel provides rest to our heart from all the old hubbub and noise from the outside world. Peace isn’t always simply given, we must choose it. Peace begins with me, you ~ us. What we give out is what we receive. Forgiving others, yourself, is relevant for finding solace at soul level. Letting go of past grievances opens the heart, mind and soul to receive new blessings. Disagreements naturally dissolve. Divine intervention freely works on your behalf and others to find creative solutions where there seemed to be none before.

To forgive and let go, I suggest the following exercise to release old wounds and reopen your heart to peace. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and visualize the white light from the heavens (like sunbeams) wash over you and those who give you grief (deceased or alive ~ one person at a time). Look this person in the eyes (if you can’t see, pretend as if you can is as effective). Take a deep inhale of light and exhale it as if it were a laser light beam from your heart to their heart. Bless them by name, wishing them peace, love and joy ~ releasing this person to the light.
Do this everyday; before rest and before rising for the day as well as anytime they cross your mind. This maybe hard at first, but with practice it is easier to diffuse negative energies. Releasing old beliefs, blocks, limitations that no longer serve you, restores your heart with peace. Then miracles happen. Keep me posted. Bless, LL
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