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Past life

Past Life ~ VIP Message:

What was my most recent past life? Tia 

Laura Lee: The image that comes to mind is an elderly lady who had limited movement, using a walker, and confined to her home. She appeared isolated. I don’t know if she’s always lived in an empty house, but this is what I see in the moment. However, I have the impression that she was helpless and felt profound loneliness. The women’s home interior appeared modest and lower middle class. There is a cat in her company, but her pet isn’t enough. Her will for living life wanes for all these reasons. She didn’t want her life to end this way but dies alone.

Suppose you may fear being alone in the future or experience overwhelming and profound feelings of loneliness, even around people. If these moments have rung true for you, it comes from your most recent lifetime as this woman. She possessed a false narrative not based on truth.

The good news is that we are never alone. 

There is always someone accessible, even from our spiritual realm of helpers, to comfort us in times of need. It’s okay to be alone and even feel lonely at times. It is part of the human experience to work through these emotions. However, if you should ever feel overwhelmed, desperate, and cannot pull out of the deep feelings of loneliness ~ muster up the courage to move towards what you need; companionship. Call up friends, family, a counselor, or go somewhere that puts you into a social environment to interact with other people (join a club, volunteer, etc). Social interactions are necessary for humans to thrive. If all the above options fail, ask your guardian angel (loved ones or spirit guides) for help. For instance, affirm; 

Thank you for the company of a good friend that lifts my spirit now! 

Always be grateful that your prayers are heard and answered upon request. Secondly, it is necessary to repeat it out loud (if possible), from the heart, to reinforce the affirmation with power. Finally, let it go by diverting your attention with another activity. Wait for the miracle to appear and if it hasn’t, repeat until you see signs of recognition from your request. More importantly, be grateful for the most valuable people in your life ~ and tell them too ~ to attract more of the same companionship. We always have choices to respond differently to our situation.

PS If you’d like a past life regression, I offer private sessions to regress you back to a life that will heal issues that go unresolved in your present day life. Contact my office for more information or book your session.

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